Dr. Franky Porcaro, RMT Mi
Balanced is a small family-owned and operated establishment located in Glens Falls, New York. It was founded by owner Dr. Franky Porcaro RMT Mi. once she awakened to the fact that she was a healer and answered the call to help people. She understands the most important thing is your health and well being. 

"At Balanced, we care about our clients, their need for privacy, and their overall wellness. We believe that everything is possible and that there are no limitations in life except the ones we place upon ourselves. Our staff brings unique experiences and perspectives from varying backgrounds with the intent to assist you in remembering that you are a unique individual and to help reconnect you with your inner BALANCE."
                                                                                                        - Dr. Franky Porcaro RMT Mi. 
Franky started out as a Paranormal Investigator when she founded Adirondack Ghost Hunters Society in 2001. It was during this time that she became aware of her psychic & empath abilities. Franky awakened to her ability to heal about 5 years ago which drew her to get certified as a licensed Reiki Master Teacher. She is an ordained Minister with Universal Life Church and was a student of the Holistic Studies Institute in Albany, NY.  Franky obtained a Doctorate in  Metaphysics and continues to submerse herself in learning more about spiritual healing and guidance. She works closely with her guides and angels to help rescue and heal all living things that are in need. As a Medical Intuitive she is able to recognize the source of pain and underlying cause to better provide absolute healing. Dr. Franky is also blessed with the ability to communicate with passed spirits and higher selves with her psychic and clairvoyant gifts. She incorporates all these abilities into her Divine Healing sessions as she feels it is all connected to the healing process. Franky is a teacher of the supernatural and holds classes with children and adults to mentor and manage their Psychic abilities. Franky has extensive training and is certified in Angel work, Chakra Balancing, Energy Healing, Aura reading and Spiritual Counseling. 
  Kimberly Porcaro
Kimberly has her Bachelors in Accounting and her Masters in Business from The Sage Colleges of Albany. As co-founder of Adirondack Ghost Hunters Society she was a Paranormal Investigator and Equipment Technician. She built several pieces of ghost hunting equipment such as infrared boosters and a geophone box. Kimberly was a member of the Geology and Botany club in college and this hobby has allowed her to pursue a lifelong interest in minerals, crystals and essential oils. She is certified in Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Safety. Kimberly handles the scheduling of appointments, internet marketing, and keeping up on our website and Facebook posts.