Divine Healing  Therapy
Japanese technique that realigns the 7 Major Chakras and cleanses the aura. Promotes self healing and wellness.
Spiritual Counseling
House Cleansings
Below is a menu listing of our services that we are able to offer you to help you achieve and maintain a healthy Balanced  Lifestyle. All of these services work together to rebalance your Mind Body and Spirit.  We hope that you allow us the opportunity to help guide you along your path of Holistic Wellness. If you wish to receive more information about any of our services or inquire about services not listed below email us or if you are ready to take the first step in living a Balanced Life click the link below and we will be in touch to confirm your appointment.
Learn how to connect with our Spirit Guide and Angels to find your way along the path of life.
Cleans and clears out unwanted negative energy. Recommended for all new home owners or renters.
Life Coaching
Let us help you change careers, get organized, manage your finances and much more.
Offering workshops and classes to learn about the benefits of essential oils. 
Guided Meditation
Guided Group or One-on-One Mediation to reduce stress and increase mental clarity and focus. 
* New rates are effective Jan 1, 2019 *