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Understanding The Chakras

Sat., Nov 16  6-8:30PM

During this class we will discuss the 7 Major energy centers - Chakras - located within our subtle body. We will spend time talking about each Chakra center and where they are located, what physical, mental or emotional state they are associated with and how that can positively or negatively affect our mind, body and spirit. We will also talk about how to spot imbalances within each Chakra and what steps we can take to restore balance for optimal health and wellness. This is a very fun, fast paced class with plenty of opportunity to ask questions. This is a great class for those who practice yoga and even those of you who just want to broaden your knowledge of the Chakras.


Sat., Dec 14  6-9PM

Join Angel Communicator Dr. Franky Porcaro RMT Mi for an Angel Circle. Guests will learn the different Archangels and what colors they represent. We will discuss signs that angels show us when they are near.


Following a short break guests will then sit quietly in a darkened room to increase the likelihood of witnessing the angel lights. Watch for their varying colors to determine which angel is there paying us a visit. Experience light touching or tickling by your angels as they brush past your face or hair and gently tug on your clothing while she delivers healing messages from your angels and guides.

Holiday Stress Less

Guided Meditation

Fri., Dec 13  6PM-7PM

Come spend the day and learn with Healer and Psychic Medium Dr. Franky Porcaro RMT Mi.  This will be a relaxed paced full day, and highly interactive workshop to learn about the Psychic Awakening going on within you. Attendees will get the opportunity to learn about and practice their intuitive skills such as:


Let's Talk Crystals

Sat., Jan 11 6-8:30PM

This is a beginner level class introducing you to the exciting and mystical world of Healing Crystals. We will discuss the procedures and methods used for selecting the right crystal, learn the proper ways to store and cleanse them and examine how to program a crystal with your specific intent. We will take a closer look at the some of the more popular crystals and what purposes they are used for. Some of the crystals we will cover are: Amethyst, Quartz, Fluorite, Citrine and several others.

Intro to Essential Oils

Level 1

Sat., Jan 24 6-8:30PM

This is a beginner's class designed to teach the basics of essential oils, proper use and storage of them and how they can be used for health and wellness. We will discuss a handful of the most popular oils and their benefits.

Usui Reiki Level I & II


Sat., Mar 7  9AM-3PM

Sun., Mar 8  9AM-3PM

Come, learn and be attuned to Usui Tibetan Reiki by Reiki Master Teacher and Metaphysician Dr. Franky Porcaro.

In this class you will learn and be attuned to Reiki Levels 1&2 and learn how to promote healing in yourself and others! Participate in a guided meditation to meet your spirit guide.

Class comes with workbook, chakra workbook, snacks, drinks and certification. Class runs from Saturday from 9-3 and Sunday 9-3.

Price is $175 per class and requires a $50 non refundable deposit. Students can setup weekly payments for the weeks before class date for the balance for convenience. Call for more details or to pre-register.