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Gather a small group of your close friends and family for an intimate evening with Intuitive Healer and Psychic Medium Dr. Franky Porcaro RMT Mi. The evening is split into two parts. It begins with a brief introduction to spirit communication by Dr. Franky followed by her sharing healing messages she has received from spirit and her guides. In addition, she often delivers medical intuitive readings, psychic readings from the past-present-future as well as animal communication. 


The sessions will run (3) hours and are typically scheduled on either Friday/Saturday nights from 6:00pm-9:00pm or a Saturday/Sunday afternoon from 1:00pm-4:00pm.


Admission is $80 per person.  

Note: You must have a minimum of 10 guests but can have as many as 15. The Host admission is FREE with 10 or more paying guests. Host will be responsible for providing us with a guest list and for collecting admission from your guests. 


A deposit of $200 is required to lock in your day/time and will be applied towards the cost of the event. This is due at time of booking. Balance will be due 2 weeks prior to the event. If you cancel for any reason, you will lose your deposit.


To get started please fill out the contact form below. Be sure to include in the message that you are interested in hosting a Home Gallery Reading and provide a minimum of 3 date selections.

Upon receipt of your request, we will contact you by email or phone to confirm the available date and begin helping you plan the party. 


Parties can be held at your home or in our Reiki Studio. 


  • Please be sure there will be no interruptions during the event. The gallery reading will run approximately 3 hours. Dr. Franky will take a short intermission midway through. This is the time for guests to check their phones, use the restroom or grab snacks and refreshments. It is advised that your home phone and all cell phones are turned off or at least the ringer off or on vibrate.

  • Instruct ALL guests to arrive at least 30-45 mins before the actual start time. This will allow time for everyone to meet/greet one another and help to ensure that everyone is present and seated when Dr. Franky begins.

  • NO children under the age of 16 and Pets must be well behaved and quiet.

  • NO consumption of alcoholic beverages prior to the first half of the gallery will be allowed. We ask that you wait until the break to begin serving alcohol. All guests must refrain from drug use. 

  • Please be sure to provide a box of tissues for your guests ( maybe 2 depending on the size of your group).

  • It is helpful to provide paper and pens for your guests to take notes during the reading. Guests may also bring an audio recording device to record the session if they choose and have the permission of other guests to do so.

  • Please keep talking to a minimum. Dr. Franky does not wish to know anything personal about any of the guests. Please do not introduce any of your guests and try to refrain from calling each other by name when she arrives. In addition, Dr Franky does not want to know any personal information or any information as to who they may wish to connect with in spirit. 

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